Fresh Home-Grown Herbs for your Kitchen

Having fresh Herbs on hand is a luxury when cooking. Not having to buy them is also a luxury. Spend a little time and make yourself an Herb Garden that not only will you enjoy but you will reap the benefits of freshness. Herbs are pretty easy to grow if you provide them with the conditions they prefer. The chart below gives some insight to the essential herbs you should have on hand . When I’m cooking at home I tell my little girl what I need, and her little self goes out back and makes the harvest. She’s very well educated in the garden thanks to Mom.

Days to germinate                           Distance Apart                           Light                                             Tips

Basil        5-30                                            4-6”                                       full-sun                             Plant in warm weather only

Chives    7-21                                              4-8                                sun/part shade                        Remove spent blossoms

Cilantro 7-10                                              8-10                              sun/part shade                        Plant every few weeks

Marjoram 8-14                                          6-8                                        full-sun                              Sweeter than oregano

Oregano 8-14                                             12”                                        full-sun                              Perennial in warm weather

Parsley 21-28                                             6-12                                sun/part shade                      Drained rich soil

Thyme 10-23                                              6-12                               sun/part shade                       Indoors

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